Naestved Swimming Facilities, Naestved, Dänemark

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Næstved Swimming Facilities, located in the heart of Stenlængegård, is intended to be a vibrant meeting place. Here, people will be able to enjoy water experiences and, at the same time, experience the nature surrounding the new forest lake, meadow, and hill, as well as the upcoming neighborhood at Stenlængegård.

The facilities include three large pool areas which consist of: a 50-meter pool, a 25-meter pool with diving boards, a leisure pool, and a heated pool. Additionally, there is an 80-meter-long water slide, changing facilities, and a foyer with a café area that overlooks the swimming complex, nature, and the upcoming town square.

The building's architecture is simple, with three main areas connected by coverings along the pools and foyer area. It opens up to the south, the lake, and the forest to the west, as well as the future town square to the east.

In the project, Y16 c/c 125 reinforcing steel was specified, eg. in the connection between the in-situ walls and the inclined in-situ slab that forms the bottom of the 50-meter swimming pool. With the specified reinforcement, it would not be possible to use traditional joint reinforcement, as neither the dimensions nor the spacing of the bends could be accommodated.

The solution that CELSA Steel Service, in collaboration with the customer, decided on is an integration of our two products: ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement and MODIX® Reinforcement Couplers. When using ARBOX® with MODIX®, the joint reinforcement is supplied with integrated reinforcement couplers instead of reinforcement bars that need to be bent out later. When the reinforcement placement in the inclined slab begins, the male coupler on the reinforcement bars is simply screwed into the corresponding female coupler on the ARBOX®, eliminating any challenges related to weakening of the steel due to bending, short embedment length, limited dimensions, and large spacing between bends. When using ARBOX® with MODIX®, the reinforcement dimension can be increased to Y20, and the bend spacing can be reduced to the actual requirement.

MODIX® Reinforcement Couplers provide a robust connection where the coupler is always stronger than the connected reinforcement steel in both static and dynamic load situations. In other words, the failure occurs in the reinforcement steel and not in the coupler.

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5500 m2
Næstved Kommune
Morten C. Henriksen A/S
ISC A/S Rådgivende Ingeniører
GPP Arkitekter A/S
CRH Concrete