Further investments in Peikko Slovakia - Peikko to consolidate all Slovakian activities under one roof

Peikko Group’s subsidiary in Slovakia, Deltabeam Slovakia s.r.o., will consolidate all its operations in Slovakia into one physical location, in the new and modern factory premises located in Kralova nad Vahom. The goal of this decision is to boost productivity and increase the output from the unit.

The current actions include investments to extend the facility by some 500 m2 and to install additional production machinery. Total investment in expansion will be some 0.7 million euros. At the same time the engineering office and its personnel located in the Slovak capital Bratislava will be transferred to Kralova nad Vahom. Also, activities still on-going in smaller, older facilities where Peikko started in 2005 will be transferred to the new facilities.

“The consolidation of various activities and the new investments highlight our commitment to Kralova nad Vahom as a major Peikko production site in Europe. The outlook for our industry is still rather weak, but we need to be prepared for the eventual rise in volumes” states Raimo Lehtinen, Managing Director of Peikko Group Corporation.

Further information:

Raimo Lehtinen, Managing Director, Peikko Group Corporation, Tel. + 358 40 5209260

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